Born and raised in Shanghai, China, Peggy began her sound designing career in 2012.  She joined Digital Post Services in 2018.

Peggy graduated from Beijing Film Academy, considered the best film school in China.  As a student in 2016, the MPSE honored Peggy with a nomination for outstanding achievement in Sound Design and Foley Artistry at the 64th Golden Reels Awards.  The Verna Fields Award was for the film Shallow Grave.

After graduation she decided to widen her horizons and relocate to Hollywood.  Peggy has not stopped working since she landed.  Though her focus is now Features and Television Series, she refuses to ever say no to her commercials and short films…!

Her favorite projects are Thicker Than Water and Home Away.

Born and raised in China, Xinyue joined the Digital Post Services team in 2018.

Xinyue attended Savannah College of Art and Design and received her MFA degree in Sound Design.

It was in college where Xinyue’s interest in sound editing and design began.  Though her background was in music, she decided to pursue sound for Film and Television.  Soon after declaring these new passions, Xinyue was asked to work on plenty of student films… from then on, she realized how fun it was to be the resident “magician” of sound.

As a typical nerd, Xinyue spends her free time reading literature on her bed or on the way to the theater to watch new-coming movies.

Born and raised in China, Wendy moved to Los Angeles in 2017 to pursue a career in sound post production.

While Wendy originally ventured out in the direction of music recording and production, she ended up gravitating towards sound design.  As she was studying audio post production, she discovered that her passion for detail and finely tuned ear complimented her quickly growing proficiency for her editorial toolset.

Wendy’s commitment to sound editing and design felt as natural as it gets.  After graduating from Full Sail University, Wendy embarked on a career in the entertainment industry and joined Digital Post Service since 2017.

“I’m fascinated how sounds and soundscapes offer the audience emotions, intrigue, and a better understanding of the story… an experience.”

Wendy never fully parted ways with her enthusiasm for music.  She spends her free time playing instruments and listening to music of different genres. Her favorite composer is Joe Hisaishi.

Ryan was born and raised in Texas, and moved to Los Angeles in 2005 to pursue a career in music with his bandmates.  A few years (and lost members) later, he realized how intrigued he was with the power and influence sound has on the visual experience.

Ryan began pursuing his career in audio by attending Citrus College School of Recording Technology and then working on numerous projects with Digital Post Services since 2012.

Ryan takes great pride in creating a seamless fusion between audio and visual, and wants to make sure every project is as rocking as possible.  Some of Ryan’s favorite projects he has worked on include the feature Silent Mountain and the series True Justice.

Outside of the studio, you can find Ryan playing basketball, strumming his guitar, and cheering on the Cowboys and Spurs like a real Texan would.

Ashu has been a member of the Digital Post Services team since 2013.

Ashu was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh.  His family moved to LA when he was four, then soon after relocated to Tustin, CA where he spent most of his formative years.

With a B.A. in Business Administration and a secure footing in a corporate position, Ashu was encouraged to follow his passion in audio, his hobby.  It was during an invitation to help produce a song at an LA recording studio, where Ashu decided take a leap from what he refers to as his Office Space years.  “I typed a lot of TPS Reports before figuring out what I really wanted to do.”

Somewhere between graduating The Los Angeles Recording School and marrying his beautiful wife (two of his most prized decisions), Ashu picked up endless internships in sound editing… until he booked his first feature film, The Silent Mountain, at DPS.  “It was a lucky break I was hoping for, but it felt more like sheer dumb luck… but I’ll take what I can get.”

Ashu hasn’t looked back and has moved through every craft required of him.  Cueing more than most, cutting anything he can get in front of him, and finally designing.  “I hope to keep on rock’n Audio ‘til I am old and gray.”

Steve was born and raised in Houston Texas and is a graduate of the University of Houston.  He began his career in sound in 1997.

He recalls, “I was always inspired by the sound design of Star Wars.  My most recent sound effects and design inspirations are from A Game of Thrones.”

In the early years, Steve primarily worked in Transfers and Archival Mastering.  His technical skill-set includes producing flawless M&E Mixes and Stems.  Steve’s editorial work is highlighted with a mastery in Localizations.

It wasn’t until 2001 (not the film), where Steve found his passion for Foley.  His Foley work includes multiple seasons on Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, and Scandal.

“Foley is a constant joy for me.  I love the intricacies and nuance in creating the sound scape for each individual project.  Who wouldn’t like a smash and grab job!”

Matt Olivo joined the Digital Post Services team in 2018.

Moments after a flurry of back-to-back DPS Sound Effects Editorial & Designing opportunities (including the Brenton Thwaites comedy Office Uprising for Sony/Crackle), Matt landed the single-seat for Season 1 of Laff Mobb’s Laff Tracks (Produced by Def Comedy Jam co-creator Bob Sumner and hosted by DJ and comedian Cipha Sounds).

“I’ve been fortunate to keep connecting to other industry professionals that dig the work as much as I do!”

Originally from Michigan, Matt is a graduate of the University of Michigan and US Army veteran (4 years active duty). His Hollywood post production career originally began in Visual Effects. Then in 2000, he formally transitioned to Post Audio at Sony Studios.  He is a member of IATSE Local 700 Editor’s Guild, MPSE, and SAG.

Over the years, Matt has worked on a plethora of post audio projects from Scripted & Unscripted Television, Indie Features, Comedy Specials, Shorts and Web-PR media.

“Being a fan of all things science and nature I’m thrilled with my current assignment as the Sound Designer and Re-Recording Mixer on NAT GEO’s Prairie Dog Manor show!”

Rusty Dunn originally hails from Canada.  A move from Calgary to Vancouver in 1991 was his first step in a pursuit for a career in audio.

As a graduate in Music from CDIS (Center for Digital Imaging and Sound), one of Canada’s most prestigious schools for Audio, Rusty eased right into a scoring position at a local jingle house.  His world of Cartoons and Animation evolved into live action editorial and sound design opportunities in Film and Television.  “I feel fortunate to have had taken my first professional steps with acetate and magnetic recording tape… you can say I’m classically trained!”

In 2006, Rusty relocated to New York City just in time to catch the 2005-2012 wave.  These were banner years for the local industry and Rusty found himself freelancing with editorial positions on over sixty films, working alongside top talent.  “Lightening can strike twice.  Fortunate again… mentors I’ll never forget.”

During 2011, Rusty followed opportunities that would eventually settle him in Hollywood.  He thrived working directly for larger sound companies and the studios.  Film & TV shows were plentiful, but Rusty prefers a place at the front of the curve.  By 2013, Rusty established himself in sound design for Virtual Reality programing.  Spatial audio for video games, feature films, and everything in between.  “Having to swath my own path in the unknown VR terrain was both exciting and harrowing at times.  I knew I was on the cusp of something big to come.”

With an abundance of Television content being produced with theatrical qualities, Rusty was thrilled to work on preferred content with larger budgets.  “Companies like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu and Amazon are permanently changing the face of TV and its available content, opening doors that weren’t available until now.”

Being a Sound Engineer encompass more than just studio accomplishments.  Rusty has been recording SFX and ambience for over 13 years.  In 2012, he publicly released his own library.  He doesn’t stop recording as he is always striving to find interesting and optimal sounds to share with the audio community worldwide.

Lisa K. Fowle joined the Digital Post Services team in 2014.  She is an award winning sound designer, musician, political essayist, published poet, and recording artist with a body of work of 100+ titles, feature films, interactive, and live theatre.  She’s member of the Society for Composers and Lyricists (SCL), the Audio Engineering Society (AES), the Motion Picture Editor’s Guild, and guest speaker/teacher (UofA and UCLA).

“I have a cross-disciplinary skill set and my own unique perspective I bring to each project.”

Lisa’s clients include Disney, Warner Bros Records, Google, LEGO, Kilburn Media, Microsoft, Nokia, Nissan, Mountain Dew, and the Planetary Society.  She’s managed five AAA game titles for THQ & Sega and produced Kitaru (VR/interactive game play).  She’s in development on two New York City stage shows implementing VR/AR.

Lisa graduated Cum Laude with Honors from the University of Arizona with a BFA degree for interdisciplinary majors in Media Arts, Music, and Theatre Tech, with a minor in Biophysics.  Her career began at George Lucas’s Skywalker Sound (under legendary designer Gary Rydstrom) on Pixar animations Toy Story 2For the Birds, and Fight Club for the veteran music team.

Lisa mixed for Vuguru (Michael Eisner multi-platform studio).  She was the casting/voice director on the storybook app Migalolo Ocean Musical, a feature length animated musical teaching environmental awareness to kids.  Lisa is a voice actor in five titles including Triton Force (China’s first 3D animated feature for which she post-produced the English mix).

“My most personally fulfilling opportunities have been with the National Resources Defense Council (mixes for Robert Redford’ environmental policy videos) and the Emmy award winning My Last Days series, showcasing positive conscious living life messages of young people dying of cancer.”

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Jeff joined the Digital Post Services team in 2014.

Jeff has been technically minded, and computer obsessed since as early as he can remember.  “It’s my obsession to always find the most effective, and logical process no matter what the task.”

Deeply familiar with post production’s fast pace and required precision, Jeff’s deep understanding of workflows makes him uniquely suited to meet or beat deadlines.

When Jeff is outside of the edit bay he enjoys camping, hiking, and making electronic music.