With 28 years of industry experience as an Imagery Engineer, Igor came to Los Angeles in 2001 from St. Petersburg, Russia and settled in at Digital Post Services in 2007.

When Igor started with Digital Post Services, he worked as a tape room operator and when “film” went to the “digital” realm Igor was excited to become a humble, but proud, knight of this kingdom. In 2010 Igor switched over to the position of online editor & film / video engineer and he’s been there ever since.

From his young years, Igor was equally attracted to artistic and technical pursuits, particularly in imagery and screen arts. Igor found an opportunity to utilize all of his artistic and engineering talents through feature post production.

Outside of the edit bay, Igor loves photography, web design, tinkering with electronics, and creating his own music.

Igor has been a SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers) member since 2009.