Lisa K. Fowle joined the Digital Post Services team in 2014.  She is an award winning sound designer, musician, political essayist, published poet, and recording artist with a body of work of 100+ titles, feature films, interactive, and live theatre.  She’s member of the Society for Composers and Lyricists (SCL), the Audio Engineering Society (AES), the Motion Picture Editor’s Guild, and guest speaker/teacher (UofA and UCLA).

“I have a cross-disciplinary skill set and my own unique perspective I bring to each project.”

Lisa’s clients include Disney, Warner Bros Records, Google, LEGO, Kilburn Media, Microsoft, Nokia, Nissan, Mountain Dew, and the Planetary Society.  She’s managed five AAA game titles for THQ & Sega and produced Kitaru (VR/interactive game play).  She’s in development on two New York City stage shows implementing VR/AR.

Lisa graduated Cum Laude with Honors from the University of Arizona with a BFA degree for interdisciplinary majors in Media Arts, Music, and Theatre Tech, with a minor in Biophysics.  Her career began at George Lucas’s Skywalker Sound (under legendary designer Gary Rydstrom) on Pixar animations Toy Story 2For the Birds, and Fight Club for the veteran music team.

Lisa mixed for Vuguru (Michael Eisner multi-platform studio).  She was the casting/voice director on the storybook app Migalolo Ocean Musical, a feature length animated musical teaching environmental awareness to kids.  Lisa is a voice actor in five titles including Triton Force (China’s first 3D animated feature for which she post-produced the English mix).

“My most personally fulfilling opportunities have been with the National Resources Defense Council (mixes for Robert Redford’ environmental policy videos) and the Emmy award winning My Last Days series, showcasing positive conscious living life messages of young people dying of cancer.”