Diego Alex Borghello


Diego began his career in post as an online video editor rising fast to full time colorist. His Passion for color began at an early age, “I remember being 9 years old and sitting countless hours in front of the TV adjusting contrast, hue, and saturation trying to get the picture “right.” Once he was introduced to a color bay everything came full circle.

Diego has over 11 years rooted in color grading for, features films, television, commercials, and documentaries. He also has a technical expertise film remastering and restoration spending many years working with physical film elements.

Diego’s approach to color grading is simply two-fold. First, the technical understanding of where the image being presented will be seen primarily (theatrical, broadcast, etc.), and second, working with the director and cinematographer to find the emotional impact that can be expressed through color.

“Color grading is a balance of common sense and instincts (the touches that can take a show further).” His countless hours working with Directors and Cinematographer have given him the distinct ability to tune-in to their vision and bring it to reality.

Erick Jolley


Born and raised in Venice Beach, CA, Erick joined the Digital Post Services team in 2010.

Erick is a technical mastermind when it comes to sound design. It’s his goal to always take the sound that’s present and turn it up to 11!

He strives to make the sound mixing experience one to remember and keeps things fun in the studio with his lava lamps.

Erick’s favorite features he created the sound design for are U571 and Jasmine.

Ever the outdoorsman, when Erick is outside of the studio he enjoys prospecting, sailing, and metal and wood art design.

Jean-Paul Demars


Born and raised in Los Angeles, Jean-Paul joined the Digital Post Services team in 2008.

Jean-Paul began his career in 3D animation and learned to edit for the purpose of assembling his own work and fell in love with that part of the process. A few years later he discovered picture finishing which was a perfect fit for his specific blend of technical knowledge and artistic sensibilities.

With a broad understanding of many platforms and techniques, Jean-Paul is an expert in crafting efficient post production pipelines for any combination of camera, editorial, VFX, and deliverable requirements.

Jean-Paul has worked on several award winning features including the independent documentary Adjust Your Color: The Truth of Petey Greene which was nominated for a Spirit Award.

When Jean-Paul isn’t in the edit bay he enjoys studying Jiu Jitsu with his four kids.

Martin Quinones


Hailing from Bogotá, Colombia, Martin has been with Digital Post Services since 2006.

Martin realized sound design was his calling when he discovered how much sound can influence and enhance a person’s experience during an audiovisual event such as a live concert or watching a film.

Martin takes pride in helping people really understand and appreciate the sonic values of each audible layer in a film or TV show and when the client achieves an improved perspective thanks to what they’re hearing, Martin can go home a happy man.

Some of Martin’s favorite projects include the features Jasmine, The Power of Few, and Chimera.

As any good Colombian, when Martin is outside of the sound stage you can find him passionately watching a Fútbol game on Sundays while enjoying one of his homebrewed beers.

Isaiah Kang


Born in Chicago and raised in Seoul, South Korea, Isaiah finally moved to Los Angeles (via Portland) in 2010 to pursue a career in film.

Beginning in physical production and soon finding himself drawn to the dark arts of post-production wizardry, Isaiah has lent his expertise to facets as varied as color grading and picture editing, from light-to-heavy-duty compositing and image clean-up, beauty work, assistant editing, rotoscoping and even 3D animation.

Proficient in the production-to-post pipeline, Isaiah’s comprehensive knowledge of efficient workflow management makes him uniquely suited to inform and facilitate filmmakers’ on-set decision-making to maximize efficiency, save money and improve artistry from top to bottom.

His extensive work in music videos and branded content has seem him work with some of the biggest artists and brands as well, including Maroon 5, Elton John, Rhianna, Will Smith, Pharrell Williams, Apple, Lyft and the Grammies.

An enthusiast of obscure and underground cinema, Isaiah spends his free time finding the strangest films he can get his hands on, enjoying the best sushi money can buy and brushing up and learning about new and emerging visual effect, computer and virtual reality technologies.

Igor Lipski


With 28 years of industry experience, Igor came to Los Angeles in 2001 from St. Petersburg, Russia and settled in at Digital Post Services in 2007.

When Igor started with Digital Post Services, he worked as a tape room operator and when “film” went to the “digital” realm Igor was excited to become a humble, but proud, knight of this kingdom. In 2010 Igor switched over to the position of online editor & film / video engineer and he’s been there ever since.

From his young years, Igor was equally attracted to artistic and technical pursuits, particularly in imagery and screen arts. Igor found an opportunity to utilize all of his artistic and engineering talents through feature post production.

Outside of the edit bay, Igor loves photography, web design, tinkering with electronics, and creating his own music.

Igor has been a SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers) member since 2009.