Born and raised in China, Wendy moved to Los Angeles in 2017 to pursue a career in sound post production.

While Wendy originally ventured out in the direction of music recording and production, she ended up gravitating towards sound design.  As she was studying audio post production, she discovered that her passion for detail and finely tuned ear complimented her quickly growing proficiency for her editorial toolset.

Wendy’s commitment to sound editing and design felt as natural as it gets.  After graduating from Full Sail University, Wendy embarked on a career in the entertainment industry and joined Digital Post Service since 2017.

“I’m fascinated how sounds and soundscapes offer the audience emotions, intrigue, and a better understanding of the story… an experience.”

Wendy never fully parted ways with her enthusiasm for music.  She spends her free time playing instruments and listening to music of different genres. Her favorite composer is Joe Hisaishi.